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Janet Livingston, CDPE,ABR,SERE,Licensed Broker
Janet Livingston, CDPE,ABR,SERE,Licensed Broker
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April 25, 2013 3:54 pm

Nearly 60% of all married couples or about to be tied by the knot purchased their home by their 2nd wedding anniversary! That is outstanding because 25% of that figure were couples who had not yet married but purchased before setting wedding date. Therapists are saying that home ownership is strengthening relationships and it is large movement in American culture that is expanding.

Southerners are taking more time to purchase in that 72% wait until they marry to buy and 60% of Northeast waits until they marry before purchasing a home as a couple. Only a small % of couples never buy a home specifically 16% with current spouse have never owned home.. Nearly 17% of all married couples bought before the ceremony and obviously didn't get cold feet.

Here is what is interesting about this study in that they learn about each other and how to compromise and be practical rather than just having an emotional decision. Apparently buying a home has greater impact on a couple because of bonds it creates nearly more than any other experience.
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